when you feel so tired but you cant sleep...

by - Friday, February 17, 2012

when i feel so tired but i cant sleep, then i write this random post. hahhaahhahah

1. what do you feel ? happy and tired

2. what do you think when you open your eyes in the morning? things need to be done today, things i have to do tomorrow, things i have to do next week, things i have to do next month,things i have to do 6 months later.

3. what if things go out of your plan? just do the other plans. ( there are plan a-z)

4. do you feel down with bad things happen? hmm, to be honest, not anymore. i've been dealing with it and its true that what doesnt kill you will only makes you STRONGER ;)

5. you feel sad the most when you? lose important person in my life

6. what is your weird habit ? well, there are lot of weird habits i have . some of them : practising "nobody but you dance", karaokeing and dancing like katy perry (esp: teenage dream) almost every nite, checking fabulous collection from chanel vintage, furla, elie saab, kate spade every night before sleep.

7. do you cook? of course i cook

8. what is your best menu? ayam balado.

9. thing i dont wanna do in my life and i wish i'll never need to do it: donor darah.

10. the most beautiful lady i've ever seen : audrey hepburn (as seen on DVD and google xD)

11. im craving for : bersih sehat, manicure, facial, hair spa, furla jelly bag (pink with swarovski and gold chain), quality weekend with aldi.

12. the most amazing person: dad.

13. what are you afraid of: die before i can give many beneficial things to others.

14. weird question in your mind : why tall models cannot survive in europe? why they pick 179 cm as the standard?

15.best memory : college :)

16. i adore : la belle epoque

17. things i want to do right now : shut down this laptop n go sleep. (finally i feel sleepy yayyy

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