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by - Wednesday, May 02, 2012

i call myself a very lucky girl.

when i was in junior high school, in the moment of Masa Orientasi Siswa (MOS) to be exact, i became the queen of MOS. well it was really simple, but becoming a queen of mos is something that every girls in my school craving for. and i was really  ugly at that time. so, becoming a queen of MOS was really amazing for me.

when i was in senior high school, i was a very lazy student (to be honest :D) but surprisingly i successfully passed the test of Ujian Mandiri ITB. while at the same time, many of my "more diligent" friends failed.

when i was in college, my leadership was not that good, but i had a chance to become a leader in some organizations. (even at the same time)

when i was in college, i was not really smart, but i successfully become the first winner of ASEANpreneur competition. a competition about business idea that was held by NTU in Singapore. and i beat all the competitors from thailand, singapore, malaysia, vietnam, etc.

when i was in college, and my "politic knowledge" was really so so. i was chosen as the delegate for Harvard Nation Model United Nations (HNMUN) from SBM ITB. and i got the chance to visit NEW YORK and BOSTON! yay!!!

when i graduated, and tried being a designer, people love my designs and i can have more than enough money from that. although i cant even drawing until now.

few months ago, a very good entrepreneur and investor called me to join in making a new business. a business i am always dreaming for. why must be me???? i feel like the luckiest person on earth

few weeks ago, my best friend called me to be THE MAIN MODEL in a VIDEOKLIP. isnt that amazing??? i mean, i hate camera. besides, i am really chubby. in the other words : im not a good model. but he ensured me that i am the right person to be the model. WHATTT??? is he serious mann? well, i think, i HAVE TO TRY IT! i dont care whether i look so chubby or not. the most important thing is: i have tried :D

my passion is trying everything. having eperience in so many things. so, when i turn older and older, i could finally say, "gw udah puas. segala macem udah gw coba" HAHAHA :p

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  1. TOP.. :D salut bangeeet,, sukses mba :) semua emang harus dicoba selama orang masih percaya kita mampu, dan kita yakin kalau kita mampu :) two thumbs up for you mba :)

  2. Saluuut...keren metamorfosa kehidupannya... :)

  3. it feels amazing also for me :D mungkin kata kunci nya: taking the opportunities. :)