Im back :)

by - Thursday, December 19, 2013

Halo my blog apa kabar?  Im not saying sorry for not writing u in a long time.
I just miss u :) (read : i miss my self)
Well i have to admit that i've changed alot.
Having baby and hubby change me alot.
I  not really focus on my shopping list, my gym schedule,  my abs,  my me time,  my dreams, my passion,  my self.
I was quite so much busy.
Dan tiba2 akhir2 ini ngerasa ada yang kurang.
Well nothing is wrong. Im trying to be really good for hubby and baby everyday. I read quran everyday,  im trying to be a good person,  but i feel some kind of meaningless. That there is something lost.
There is something lost 
Just realize that the one is lost is my self, my passion,  my big dreams, my always ignite spirit. Ooo how i miss my old self
So, how to start again?  living a life that i live passionately.
Well im trying to :
Start inspiring people :)
By talking by writing by doing.
N maybe i'll start learning something new.
Soo much excited.
*ini ga nyambung tapi tiba2 keingetan. Mungkin awalnya orang korupsi itu krn kehilangan passion mereka. Awalnya seseorang yg idealis. Lalu kehilangan diri mereka. Dan akhirnga ngrasa gada yg salah dengan korupsi. Maybe the same feeling with mine. Just different case.
Ok less talk more action. Bismillaahh

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